Monday, 7 November 2011

Urban Samurai

I was a little bit bored when suddenly a group notice arrived and caught my attention. Dura has moved its shop to a new sim and in order to celebrate the new shop Chiaki Xue (Dura owner/designer) has released a fantastic brand new hair. I felt so excited that I needed to post this new hair. It's also available there [click here for the new main shop].

Then I thought about a kinda modern samurai, wearing most of the clothes from asian shops. Quickly I browsed my inventory while the image was becoming clear on my mind. And you can check the details bellow:

As you can see this is a very beautiful hair, very detailed and it fits for men and women. Usually I fall in love with her hairs, and this one is not an exception. The rest of the styling card follows bellow:

Hair - Dura - Celebration Group Gift (blonde)
Scarf - Mr Poet - Wide Scart
Jacket - B@r - Black Duster Jacket (I'm not wearing the full jacket)
Shirt - B@r - Firestarter t-shirt black (It belongs to Firestarter set)
Trousers - Jetcity - Short pants brown 
Leggings - Jetcity - Red leggings
Boots - <TheAbyss> - Latex boots
Katana - B@r - Free Deco Katana

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