Sunday, 28 October 2012

...but all are blue around you

...but all are blue around you (part 3)

but all are blue around you (part 2)
but all are blue around you (part 1)

i'm having long holidays from second life. although have been exposed to some stuff which enfuse me with inspiration. see you :)

Monday, 30 July 2012

Something in the static

Something in the static - Tableau Vivant, Ladies who Lunch, Emery, CheerNo, Fashion, Mens wear, Outfit, Second Life
Picture by Atlas Pastorelli on flickr.

When everything seems dead, but it's just the fear of steping outside our shell. Life is made of success, but also failures. For some people it's ok for humans to make mistakes, while others cannot tolarate it. Doing nothing is also an action and the time will pass by, liking it or not. Accepting one extra challenge might drive things beyond the comfort area. Does it really worth it? One would say to take it and never look back, even when ghosts from the past make themselves visible in the horizon? Hard to know, I guess I might answer that e-mail. LOL

So, having an itch I cannot ignore I went after things that would satisfy me in my second life, the result: shopping spree! Yay! It's been quite a time I've been wanting those trousers by Tableau Vivant, they look so modern, so my style, but after buying them, I really found a bit challenging for a good mix and match. Boots in the way I like were hard to match, only shirts weren't enough. I tried mesh jacket and the answer was NO! Then I remembered seeing them on other blogs totally alone, no top part was put on, and I instantly knew why, which just made me more intrigued and challenged - part of this thing about styling has also to do with big packs of patience, a good (mind's) eye and sometimes luck, as the item you're looking for simply doesn't exist inworld. However I did it and felt satiated. The results can be checked above, the clothes bellow:

Hair - Madesigns - Dora
Jacket - Ladies who lunch - Inventor jacket
Shirt - Emery - Tank R.F.
Trousers - Tableau Vivant - Cossak trousers
Boots - CheerNo - Victorio
Pose - Morphine

***Picture taken on Nirans Viewer

Ah this is the soundtrack, I'm in love with this song:

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Shadow cries

A couple of years ago, whilst Harry Potter's effect was in a cooldown, I was just walking around a bookshop when a cover of a new release went off in my peripheral sight. It was The Magicians by Lev Grossman - or a "Harry Potter for Grownups" that made me stop and take it home with me. Impressive story that even sponsored a wet and salty face here during the ending. Lovely though.
Then it's funny how things are made up by ourselves along our choices, which for some would be the so-called-destiny. Sometimes coincidences are not enough to explain me the way the course of actions that had driven me into such situation. And there I was at with a friend from work talking about the time when the X-Men were only comics: Rogue was just a rabid evil being, Madelyne Pryor was a Jean Grey's clone (and that time this word clone had a so futuristic sound!) during Inferno crossover. This story happened long before I was a teenager, so it was for my friend, although both had experienced the amusement of that insane turmoil ravaging the lives of those uncanny mutants.

Shadow cries

No, sharing some personal point of view among the unending faces of our semiosphere  and at this level? No, it was too much! It seems that the signs, as an actor or just a patient in this hunter-and-bait-and-prey game, along the voracious wheel of semiosis simply manipulates me as if I were just a Kafkanian character. And the girl I was thinking this time has never been in the X-Men roster: the image was there, even the outfit, although it has been taking ages for me to read it, slowly degluting and perhaps following the same pace the story is delivered in The Magicians Kings (it's a sequel of the one mentioned above), I finally met the truth behind Julia, and I've been waiting for it so much. I just had to summon some signs and the whole pool of meanings would drown me in, as "...pretty soon he was going to figure out that she wasn't role-playing a sexy depressed goth chick, she had actually become a sexy depressed goth chick. / And she was enjoying it. She was dipping a toe in the pool of bad behavior and finding the temperature was just right". I finally made it, now I can rest in peace (for a while). See you!

Shadow cries

Headdress - gilded:
Make up - Lovely Mi!
Necklace - Shade Throne
Shoulders and tails - TAD / Achilles
Trousers - Miamai
Boots - Neurolab Inc.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

hunting you

Z-hunter outfit by Egoisme in Second Life

Z-hunter outfit by Egoisme in Second Life
Hunting you by Atlas Pastorelli on flickr.

Egoisme has release these two outfits called Z-Hunter. It's quite nice for zombie hunting, role playing, but also to use everywhere. There's a gun (yeah! it comes within the pack) very funcional, you can draw it or rest it on your backs - it even launchs granades! If you check the whole thing, it's a very versatile outfit, as you can use its parts mixing with any other stuff. If you just wear off-the-rack them, I find the one with net-shirt sexier, of course, so it's also good to bright on the dancefloor as well. lol

Going back to the viewers point (like I talked about here), I used both: Official Viewer Beta (I always use beta) and Nirans. Unfortunately the official one crashed many times while Nirans handled the environment beautifuly, quite slick viewer in my opinion. The pictures above were taken on Nirans, everything set as maximum/high/ultra (as the official one only crashed) I'm not earning anything by spreading their name, but it's so kewl for pictures that I'm tossing here their website once again:

Styling card? Well, besides the skin, shape and hair, the whole thing is by Egoisme as it was said above. ;)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

home & garden

home & garden

home & garden

home & garden
home & garden, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.
these are lazy days of mine. as i'm not good enough at props (i should be as teoretically i "know" how to create them), there's not such a paradise out there than a furniture/props shop which is things are outdoor lol.

picture taken at the beautiful shop called {what next}

they also sell via marketplace ==>

there's also this new hair by Dura, very fluid and alive! you should see it by yourself. lovely though.

hair - dura - dura-boy 37 - blonde
shirt - baiastice - open shirt ice
shorts - house of europe - dolor (the attachments are not on | beads are not included)
sandals - cheerno - lourensso brown
poses by morphine (except the bench one, which is in the prop itself)

the red racer

Ah, a studio picture? Yeap, unfortunately many sims I've been to have no shadows enabled on their props. And instead of trying to create something I admit I'm not that good at - LOL - I'd rather go back to studio and take this picture in there.

Reading this blogs comments, I've saw this one: "But how can I get this outfit?".

So, before anything else, let me help those who don't understand the meaning of a styling card - it's usually like this: on SL I noticed we tend to start from the head down to the feet, ending sometimes with the pose you're in. Then the props/items are described as  <body part> + <shop name> + <item name usually goes with the colour/id numer or whatever to identify it>. Then if I want to own such item, what should I do? Go to SL search (inworld) and put the name of the shop, in the shop you'll have to look for them, can ask the info to the manager or anyone who's working there (it might help reading the owners profile, they usually describe who's there to give you a help).

Last saturday we had a burlesque show by Models in Motion/Opium Evolution, and I had an act in there with Veracity Afterthought. I guess I never saw such a thing in world. And boy, that was nice. Unfortunaly I didn't take any picture, but pictures wouldn't be enough - perhaps a video would be a blast! The acts I like best were by Anastacia, World Undercroft and - if she reads this I change it, I swear - the venue owner whose name I don't remember right now. They had astonishing scenarios, creative dances and a very smart use of particles I've rarely seen inworld. I'm very glad I was part of it, although in my case it was just a tiny part lol.

Whatelse? Erm... besides I'm STILL playing loads of League of Legends (I'm improving in there) I received some new releases, and decided to style it. As I said, I really really tried an inworld full of shadows picture, but the result was like... erm... nevermind.

Coming back to the outfit: Egoism has release three new mesh jackets. I picked the red one for it looks perfect for a daredevil racer, it fits into cars as well as for bikes. I tried black trousers and so, but the red was screaming - not actually negative - and I was like "Why not having red bottom as well?" I remembered then of a pair of trousers the were never used (sometimes we have so many stuff in our inventories that we forget what we have, even when they're very organized, which is shamely not my case lol). A hairdo here, props there, and the whole thing was done. Many people do like red, but if to you it's too much, just put a light coloured t-shirt on and some jeans would look perfect as well.

As this blog is not only about styling cards/clothes - no it is not! :P I downloaded Nirans viewer and found it classy to take pictures with. Although it's not that easier to use for beginners, it handles shadows nicely. The teleport screen is so... smooth and different! You really should give it a go. I recommend it (the same way as it was recommended to me lol). The link follows here . Have fun ;)

And if you got what I said about styling cards, let's check:

Hair - - Uw.7R Ash hair
Eyeware - Tokugawa heavy industries - Optical Shades
Jacket - Egoism - Red biker
T-shirt - Ramp design - X-men t-shirt
Gloves - Tres Beau - Driving gloves (if I'm not wrong it's a gift)
Trousers - TheAbyss - Chaos leather pants red

Sunday, 8 July 2012


NoR by Atlas Pastorelli
NoR, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.
This weekend more and more League of Legends, and to make things a bit worse I've got Diablo 3. Although it's not been able yet to steal all my attention. Who knows in the near future?

Then all this stuff about dark feelings, plus Legal Insanity new releases (mesh t-shirts) brought me some comfort as I could leave the danger zone and go back to my dark and withered world (ah, this so reminds me the song My World by Colony 5! You have never heard it, probably. Check it out on youtube, you will like it).

This picture was taken at NoR. They claim they're the oldest urban rpg over SL. being that true or not, the sim is very busy, then, old or not, it must be a very nice place for some rlplayen.
[ NoR limo ==> ]

And finally the styling card

hair - raw house - khaos [white]
eyes - ibanez - soft glow eyes
shirt - legal insanity - jimi red tuxedo
shorts - balkanik - baggy shorts pants blk2.0
boots - pxdtoxic - basic combat boots

Thursday, 5 July 2012

witches forest park

witches forest park by Atlas Pastorelli
witches forest park, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.

some nice spots in this sim, i like it, so check it out when you're able to.

in this post, about the outfit, there are two mesh pieces, the hair and the trousers. i really like them, although the picture is a bit dark, i was like "if i have it lighter, it'll lose it's atmosphere", then i left the way it was. this is an outfit for day by day, if you're good in mix and match, there are unendless possibilities, as the trousers also have different textures (different products though), and the hair, although it's mesh you can resize it! :D

hair - salon de glow - cm-01 (mesh)
necklace - barerose - lost kittens necklace
cardigan - prodigal - tight cardigan white 3 (gift)
trouseres - egoism - ego blue jeans (mesh)
shoes - fir & mna - the citizen boots rose mens
pose by agapee

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What’s Your Digits? – Take 2: The Mesh Revolution!

What’s Your Digits? – Take 2: The Mesh Revolution! by Atlas Pastorelli
I find it a great idea what Strawberry Singh is doing about the use of the share of our digits.
[her post at ]

So, am also sharing mine here:

Height - 7' 11"
Body Fat - 0
Head size – 80
Torso Muscle - 68
Pectorals - 7
Hand size – 35
Leg Muscle - 78
Hip width – 60
Butt Size - 65
Package - 0
Saddle Bags - 14
Foot size – 10 (but can be zero)

***Btw, I find having package more than zero really disgusting as it looks like beer belly instead of any 'bulge'.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

p s y c i t y

p s y c i t y
p s y c i t y
p s y c i t y by Atlas Pastorelli
p s y c i t y, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.

hey hey. well, i told in the last post, i'm also blogging some different gift skins. the one for today is akeruka's gift. as it's dark - darker than you see in the picture lol - i thought about wearing a warm coloured top part, in which case is by legal insanity. the trousers aren't released yet, so let's say they are a preview of what's coming by. anyways this is a very trendy and urban outfit, and the t-shirt comes in three options, i chose the 'neckless' one as it looks sexier for this outfit. hope you like it. hugs. ;)

hair - dura - dura-boy 33 dark brown
necklace - cheerno - native leaves
shirt - legal insanity - lenny shirts - pirate girl
trousers - jlb apparel - baggy skull pants (will be released soon)
shoes - balkanik - blk2.0 sneakerz
skin - akeruka - antonio skin goatie1 (group gift)

pic at psycity

playing to kill

playing to kill by Atlas Pastorelli
playing to kill, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.

Yeah, I came back to SL, although I have to share my time nowadays with another game, actually a MMO, name is League of Legends. At first I was like "blah", but a friend insisted that I should give it a go, now am so addicted to it. haha So, after killing many minions in there, I guess I got some inspiration to build this outfit, very urban and street, perfect for playing RPG in world like those police and bandit games, and also for clubbing and so. Imho it's still a bit sexy for the low rise camo shorts. No more words now, going straight to the styling card.

Hairbase - Madesigns tintable hairbase
Hair - Burley - Carlo platinum 03
Dogtag - Rok-Nav Dog-Tag
Jacket - 4mc Jacket1 (mesh)
Undies and shorts - Legal Insanity - baggy pants urban camo (there are a gun and some bullets attached to it, see why its also nice for urban rpg?)

Ah I seldom say the eyes when they're not Ibanez, but why not giving you the secret tonite? Alright, they're Lelutka pierce eyes. For the next posts I'm about blogging some gift skins I got, just need to try them and see if they fall well on me. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is it. See ya.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

getting wet

getting wet by Atlas Pastorelli
getting wet, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.
it took me a time to think how to match this only two items. lol
perhaps i'm tired today, but i guess it ended up very well.

hairbase - madesigns tintable
hair - burley - jimmy platinum 03
shirt - legal insanity - wet tank - petroil 3
boxer - vitamen - sheer oriental blue
feet - coco - barefeet (gift)

picture taken at vitamen shop - limo ===>

Saturday, 30 June 2012


i-mesh by Atlas Pastorelli
i-mesh, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.

With some tiny modifications in my shape, these mesh stuff imho fell very nice on me.

hairbase - madesigns hair - tintable hair
hair - raw house - khaos white 05
eyes - ibanez tranquil eyes - platinum
earrings - razorblade jacket
watch - 2real tokyoflash (it's free in the shop)
tank - public enemy - 440 volts (mesh)
shorts - epic - chino shorts (mesh)
boots - deco - combatboots canvaswhite (mesh)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

pimp me up (almost for free)

pimp me up by Atlas Pastorelli
pimp me up, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.

before going for a shopping spree, i decided to look what i have in my wardrobe. some items are free, others are not. but you'll be surprised by the quality of those gifts.

check the styling card ===>

Sunday, 17 June 2012


colourful by Atlas Pastorelli
colourful, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.

this is just an example of what is IN about SL photo trends. ;)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Nexus Prime

Nexus Prime by Atlas Pastorelli
Nexus Prime, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.
I'd really, really like to recommend a visit to this beautiful and futuristic sim.

All about games, synthesis and the like ;)

Nexus Prime Bonifacio limo ==>

Some of the wearables:
[ CheerNo hair | LWL "Jacket" | Miamai trousers ]

Pose by Del May.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dura Hair 2nd Anniversary

Well, most of the things I post here I have no support at all, which means I get the items on my own. But there are ones I'm sponsored and I don't mind posting, for I'm always impressed by their quality and among them are Dura hair.

I was offline for a time, and then when came back was checking their blogger group and had a very exciting surprise:


To celebrate so Chiaki Xue (the mind behind the brand) has released an amazing hairdo: Dura 2nd Anniversary Hair. I instantly loved it, so modern, but still very versatile, full of details, when then I saw that there was another release: Dura-Boy 36 - another creative and incredible hair. I like blonde, so that's the colour I'm on, but there are plenty of choices.

Top: Dura 2nd Anniversary hair / Bottom: Dura Boy 36 - Hairbase Lanevo Blonde

 Dura limo ===>

Sunday, 25 March 2012


According to Cambridge Dictionary:

"An acquired taste:
  something that you dislike at first, but that you start to like after you have tried it a few times.

Olives are an acquired taste."


Friday, 23 March 2012

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Foiled on a sketch

Foiled on a sketch by Atlas Pastorelli

Foiled on a sketch, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.
Outfit - Solidea Folies - Justice
Eyes - Ibanez - Bastet Prim Eyes
Hair - Loq - Grappa Cellini - Platinum
Make up - CheerNo Native Leaves and Lovely Mi "Oh DicoDico!"
Pose - Del May

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Leaving the crystal castle

leaving the crystal castle [max.size recommended]

More than a picture for blogging styling cards, this is a practice about my skills about image manipulation: perspective, divisions of the screen, shadows (inworld, in the background picture and the third and fourth shadows) to smooth the transition between the different pictures and some other effects to create parts of the image that doesn't exist originally.

Monday, 5 March 2012



Hair - MADesigns - Leroy - Silver Tone
Outfit - CheerNo - SIN.NOBREZA
Mesh Feet - CheerNo - Feet

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The fall - alien and evil

For some reason this month I'm very interested in alien outfits, different structures. Sometimes looking angelic while other looking evil, not exactly demonic. I invite you all to keep reading: in this post - Neurolabs, Tableau Vivant, Ladies Who Lunch and much more.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Future of Denim

Well, after reading some trends about fashion I got inspired to create a casual outfit with simple things. As many spring 2012 collections are increasing the use of denim, I thought "why not applying some leather and denim in a way it doesn't hurt our eyes?"
"Why?", would someone say in a reply to my question. It's quite simple, over SL it's hard seeing leather and denim used as a daily outfit, instead it's much easier seeing master and slaves wearing sexy leather-ish stuff much more than in our RL. Browsing on market place I didn't find any good shorts/bermuda in leather, for instance. Not any type I could match with a blazer... perhaps I didn't search enough, and then might be wrong, or perhaps the only options are meant for the satisfaction of sexual pleasures?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

fingers scintilla

If you haven't heard of him visit his flickr =>

For this post I was looking for some cyber avant garde with more art into it. Then instead of taking the pictures myself I went for digital artists like that nice bloke above. I'll put just a tiny thumbnail beside it, so that you'll have to read to whole post see what I mean. LoL

the year is just beginning!

Los Niños Del Parque
Hair MADesigns Toby | Jacket Ladies Who Lunch !Faint | Eyes Ibanez Color Glow Eyes Sirion | Necklace Kosh Enigma | Tattoo TattooArt Arcane | Skin Akeruka Manuel

Well, I might have taken strange decisions specially in the end of 2011, but 2012 is already being very promising. I don't like to tell things before they happen, but on the other hand I'd like to thank all of my friends and these new people I'm meeting.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

kuru kuru world

OMG! You have to visit this exposition! ===>
I just came from it and it's a delicious zeitgeistig popart experience. Go for et!

die magi

magus set
Powerful magic Ibanez eyes and outstanding crafted necklace by Shade Throne

In this post: Ibanez, Shade Throne, Lassitude and Ennui, CheerNo and Miamai. Keep reading.

Props and Pose Fair 2012

Hai models and photographers. There's a props and pose fair going on, they'll keep it until the 8th of the current month. Many poses have their price reduced or special editions as part or even 100% of the sales go to a fundraising for Superhero Epilepsy Combat Brigade.

The limo is here ====>