Sunday, 25 March 2012


According to Cambridge Dictionary:

"An acquired taste:
  something that you dislike at first, but that you start to like after you have tried it a few times.

Olives are an acquired taste."


soundtrack.sabotage i

Styling card:

Tristan (on bottom)

Headpiece/glasses - SYS - ALCANE Black
Jacket - SYS - ANKAA Black
Trousers - SYS - ATLAS Sarouel Black
Gloves - Barerose - Cruel Black
Boots - MayCreations - Heavy boots

Atlas (on top)

Gas mask - .ekibyo. psycho gasmask
Jacket - SYS - MORPHEO
Jetpack - INSILICO- IS:K9 Manta Jetpack
Bracelet - PIXLIGHTS - Barcode bracelet V3 black
Trousers - Adjunct - Parachute pants
Boots - DECO - Combat boots

Pose by DELMAY

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