Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The fall - alien and evil

For some reason this month I'm very interested in alien outfits, different structures. Sometimes looking angelic while other looking evil, not exactly demonic. I invite you all to keep reading: in this post - Neurolabs, Tableau Vivant, Ladies Who Lunch and much more.

I won't say many words. Let's the image talk by themselves. I'm trying to improve my photographic skills over SL. What helped me a lot and it still has been helping is all about reading RL photography mags. Try them if you want to get new ideas or even translate better the idea you have on your mind.

The Fall

Soundtrack (Just turn off the radio on this blog :P)

Being possible to see them or not, the full styling card follows bellow (some comments there as well):

Hairbase - MADesigns - Tintable hair base
Hair - A&Y - Echo cyber hair 2nd version white
Eyes - Ibanez - Bastet eyes Neko
Earing - Razorblade Jacket - Spiked ear piercing
Shoulders - LWL - Sex collar and shoulder
Arms - [-p] - DemonBaby gloves (not so baby in my case lol)
Dermal chest piercings - L.E.V. - Piercing microdermals chest
Nipple chain - Mens nipple pair & chain heart lock & key (I don't recommend for small AVIs, even to me some parts didn't adjust very well)
Trousers - Tableau Vivant -  Reich pants
Tail - T.A.D. - Achilles Cyber Tail white
Boots - Neurolab Inc - Activa Boots Electro

Poses by Del May

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