Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Future of Denim

Well, after reading some trends about fashion I got inspired to create a casual outfit with simple things. As many spring 2012 collections are increasing the use of denim, I thought "why not applying some leather and denim in a way it doesn't hurt our eyes?"
"Why?", would someone say in a reply to my question. It's quite simple, over SL it's hard seeing leather and denim used as a daily outfit, instead it's much easier seeing master and slaves wearing sexy leather-ish stuff much more than in our RL. Browsing on market place I didn't find any good shorts/bermuda in leather, for instance. Not any type I could match with a blazer... perhaps I didn't search enough, and then might be wrong, or perhaps the only options are meant for the satisfaction of sexual pleasures?

I'd like to paste an excerpt from which title I used in this post:

"Denim is so integral to today’s fashion industry that it’s difficult to imagine it getting any bigger. But, it is. In fact, denim looks set to become an increasingly significant aspect of fashion over the next few years, and, possibly, even over the next few decades. In a recent press release, Premiere Vision announced it had “broken a new attendance record” for its Paris “Denim” show, held twice a year. The most recent Denim event took place on 25 and 26 May at the Halle Freyssinet convention center. There were 83 exhibitors, and attendance was up 18% over June 2010 and 13% over the December 2010 Denim event. According to PV, “Countries specializing in jeanswear such as Sweden and Denmark are well represented [at Denim], the United States is reinforcing its presence, and Brazil’s attendance is increasing.” In fact, international visitors accounted for nearly 70%, with people coming from 50 countries, including Italy, the UK, Germany, and Turkey." [more on this article click here ]

Loads of leather, but still according to the trends, no?

Future of denim
Yesh, there are some increments to the outfit, not only tattoos and piercings can increase your presence in a room. 

So let's see what are the things in the list. There are parts of outfits, accessories and even items costing like 1L (virtually free).

Hair - MADesigns - Bryn
Eyes - Ibanez - Limited Edition Natural Eyes Blue
Jacket - TheAbyss - Bomber Jacket
Shoulders - TAD - Aegeous Shoulder
Belt - Manticorp - Gunslinger Belt 
Trousers - Seven - Jason Jeans pants with leather (1L on marketplace on the current date)
Boots - Gizza - Shalwar Outfit 

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