Thursday, 5 January 2012

fingers scintilla

If you haven't heard of him visit his flickr =>

For this post I was looking for some cyber avant garde with more art into it. Then instead of taking the pictures myself I went for digital artists like that nice bloke above. I'll put just a tiny thumbnail beside it, so that you'll have to read to whole post see what I mean. LoL

First of all, about Fingers Scintilla, as he told me he organize expositions for fundraising, which means that next expo all of us are going to, right?

Second, how to turn your SL experience into something more artistic? Some shops out of the mainstream reserve us such surprises!

ii scintilla
There are more parts of outfits in here than you can imagine!

i scintilla
Stunning piece of work isn't it?

Well, my styling card will be like just saying the makers. You'll have to visit each of them and find the items yourself. Some items are only available via market place.

And here is the list:
Barerose - also known as B@R
Glam Affair
Neurolab Inc.
Toxic Alchemy
Ibanez Eyes
Angel Hair

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