Sunday, 4 December 2011

MBPS-MotM / Model of the month

Yay! I won Morgane Batiste Model of Month Contest for the current month (December) with the picture related bellow:

Child of Cacophony

Then, after the announcement I also published another picture that I made that I was supposed to use first, but as it works only on a wide size, I thought it wouldn't be very proper for a contest. But you are able too see it here (it's unfinished).

Doors of perception

The outfit is quite simple, but what makes the difference is the way it's mixed. The style card follows:

Head: [gilded:] - Slayer's headdress
Hair: Cheerno - Nicco Blond 10.3XL
Jacket: Cheerno - SKES
Gloves: [gilded:] - Steel Scorpion Armour
Suit: Noble Rot - Black shiny cat suit
Boots: Le Greniere du Chateau - Regent tall riding boots black
Pose: Morgane Batista Pose Shop - Sorceress 4
Make up: Lovely Mi! - Oh DicoDico! black

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