Monday, 26 December 2011

After the blizzard

Well, it seems the worst has already passed: the blizzard of stress that caused a turmoil in the fashion scene and the grid itself. Now it's time to slow down a little bit and start planning for the coming year or at least trying to find our path after the hell got frozen. What are you going to do? A list of dos and don'ts really helps? I'm not a very fan of enlisting goals, but perhaps those that require just a few baby steps are easier to lift up our confidence than dreaming about moving mountains or even continents.

What about wearing at least something comfortable and resistant enough to give us some base for the new upcoming? There are some new releases to fuel our endurance, just click on "read more". ;)

Now there's a new shop, it is starting small, but already sells apparel for women, skin and this winter hat I'm wearing. Name is DESIGUAL.
Some new releases to surprise us when the market is supposed to "cool down".
Miamai and their new Metamorphosis set, many intriguing and savage clothes bringing the avant garde into the wilderness
SyS and the strong Ynuit stompers help to keep the balance while protects from the harsh environments

All in all I'm liking a lot these new releases. In the next post still more winter clothes (although it's not winter in the whole globe), but still keeping the touch of cyber/technology. 

And to finish I'd like to ask to designers: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make mesh feet/hands for MEN too!

Hairbase - Lanevo - MC Hairbase Buzzcut Dura-Blonde
Eyes - Ibanez - Signature Eyes Figi
Winter hat - DESIGUAL - Winter trapper hat (grey)
Coat - Miamai - Valur Coat
Trousers - Armidi - Low rise chinos
Stompers - SyS - Ynuit Stomp Boots

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