Wednesday, 7 December 2011


After being the cute boy on the last post, now it's time for something tougher - not that much, ok?
What happened these last few days is that I found a cool designer of beards and finally I got beards, goatees and stubbles of the same colour of my hairbase. With those facial hair in hand I visited many sims around the grid in order to find a nice urban one, not say punk alike. Piece of cake, right? Wrong! Perhaps I'm not in my lucky day or many sims are covered by globes or "ceilings" having poor shadows. Am also using Viewer 3 Beta (yesh, the same one I reviewed bad beforehand! well, not actually the same, it's an updated version though) for pictures. Oops I was talking about clothes, sims or viewers? Find it out next.

Starting then about Viewer 3 Beta. O-M-F-G! It's amazing. I never thought that I an old user of Phoenix would ever say that about LL Viewer, but it's truly fast, it renders so quick and it's ridiculously light compared to any other viewer with the same resources installed on my PC. Perhaps when I complained about the sidebars: #1 I was very lazy to find out the buttons could be moved, or #2 This great, incredible thing was not implemented yet. Now you can have a bottom bar, a right and/or left sidebar: it is you who decide where to buttons will lie. Which in case of very wide screens, sometimes could be interesting leaving everything on the sidebar, for instance. And about the speed, I set graphics at maximum, everything checked even renderVOLblablabla at astonishing 20! and it was still reasonable, not freezing at any single moment. Graphs at medium run so smooth that when I open other viewers I feel like driving an old car. Although for pictures, even being faster to do so, I don't like that much the "new way" of controlling the environment (it reads windlight set). The latest Firestorm handles that much easier. Well, but for a Beta and after some tweaks in the debug configuration it turns out excellent. A friend and I spend some hours finding out new things and that was fun! [Ok, geek mode on]

And about sims? Well, about sims it's just that. By the way the sim I took this pictures in is called Virtual Decay - the pics could be better, but I insisted in taking them on Viewer 3 Beta. It seems to be a great sim for urban/industrial pictures. Everything in the grid seems to be glamorous or evil/dark, it is becoming hard to find  dump cities - or perhaps, again, I'm just lazy or not lucky enough these days.

Ah! The facial hair, I was about to end this post without talking about anything related to them or to the styling card. Well, once upon a time there was a curious resident looking for facial hair in the same colour his hairbase is tinged. He was not, though, very confident he would find anything interesting until by chance he opened a link and voilĂ : Roby'style was there and what called my attention was the fact that the designer wrote he could change the hair into any colour. I got curious IMed him and in less than 24 hours I had four different facial hairs in the colour I like (and, thus, use). They are very detailed and he can make custom designs.

You can compare the facial hair and the hairbase: same colour!

I'm loving these trousers!
Well, once again a quite simple styling card, thinking about a man who works in those industrial places. He doesn't wear zillions of rings and so as it can be dangerous at work. Oh! I also need to talk about these trousers, they are not that cheap, but the quality is really good, plus they come with a resizeable bulge that look decent. I might purchase more colours soon.

Hair - Raw House - Destroyer bleach
Facial hair - Roby'style - Stubble 5
Hood - New Nordic Blasphemy - Sorry Hood!
Trousers - No. 7 - Ennea
Boots - PXD Toxic - Basic combat boots

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