Monday, 5 December 2011

Does the winter have to be cold?

Well, it seems the snow is already falling over the grid. People are wearing more clothes. It's getting cold... or not! So instead of complaining about the temperatures, I went after an outfit that could give me freedom for sports, clubbing, hanging out not mentioning being sexy *chuckles*. This is the first time I got courage to wear mesh and leave my home not caring if people could see my clothes or not. Then I noticed that there are still loads of users of Phoenix, who - so far - cannot see these beautiful stuff I had. Talking about mesh, now I understand why one should be really careful before buying any, as the mesh objects aren't still that god smackingly glorious about fitting plus some still remind us SL 2007 a land full of squares and poor textures.
 But this thing about mesh will be left for another post, when I'll show you disasters that can happen. I'd rather show first some nice stuff I purchased and have mixed in the following pictures.

Not that cold...
What you think? The jacket is mesh, so it is flexible and it comes with a "menu" in which you can change its colour and add some patterns. You can move, sit and dance and the prims don't stab you! Kewl thing innit?

The boots are also mesh. They look very well done and when you dance it looks so real! I'm in love with them.

And, as you can see, I'm walking but I'm not stabbed by any prim! 

Alright, time to share these cool stuff with you:

Hair - Birth - Racer Platinum
Hairbase - Madesigns - Tintable Hairbase
Goggles - Kryptonix - Ski & Snowboard Goggles
Necklace - Kosh - Enigma
Jacket - [4mc] - Jacket 1 *****MESH*****
Gloves - [Calypso Giano] - Leather vol.1
Trousers - Miamai - Legion Legacy
Boots - DECO - Combatboots Canvas White *****MESH*****

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