Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How to turn a prince into a (cyber) punk!

Yeah! This is the first post about cyber fashion. Do you really think that in order to have a nice look you're going to find stuff only at known cyber shops? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because there you can find complete outfits, great apparel, body enhancements and the like. No, for it's quite possible mix things from "average" shops into a cyberlook. One just need to have a good eye and choose wisely which items are going to the mixer.
I was supposed to take the pictures at INSILICO, but unfortunately the sim doesn't have good shadows on the ground. And then I've just found another sim which I will have to explore soon: name is Cybercity.

I wish I could make better pictures, but I can go back to the sim and shoot it from different angles. It's a very detailed sim. The outfit is for my character in INSILICO sim. He has to be quick, sexy and mysterious. I tried many sci-fi suits that are hanging in my inventory, but didn't feel like picking any of them. Instead I tried one suit I haven't used so far. Had no idea on how beautiful and detailed it is! In the pictures you might not see the textures and how real they look like. It's a CheerNo suit. So, as you can see, it's from a not declared cyber shop.
This suit from CheerNo is amazing. It's much more detailed than you can see here, although the sim behind me is very nice and interesting.

Now the beautiful details can be seen. They are minimal, simple and modern. 

Of course there are more details in the back! Plus these boots I love and a very personal computer  to allow me connect easier to the world.

Hair - TheAbyss - Blade Light Blonde
Hairbase - MADesign - Tintable hairbase
Eyes - Ibanez - Tranquil Platinum
Collar - Xeno - XCollar
Body suit - CheerNo - Prince Greg
Boots, gloves and computer - Xeno - Iron Suit

Make up - Selfmade 

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