Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Incredible visor/display/shades from Fairlight Industries
For this post not too much words. I've just noticed on how I've been focusing on white clothes and backgrounds. Perhaps it's a contrast for what I see inworld. Everybody is dark skinned and brunette. Why is this so? Loads of tattoos, strips of cloths, post-emo-but-still black emo hairs. Perhaps I'm just tired? Or perhaps I just don't want to think about anything? Or perhaps I'm in love? Oops, saying too much... LoL

What do we have in here to be so called an icebreaker... Let's see: Akeruka, GRAVES, some heavy industries (Tokugawa and Fairlight) and a part of a roleplay kit?

What about changing the skin a little bit for an Akeruka lovely one? Plus a extremely detailed white-suit from GRAVES. The plugs are all sculpties. I'm in love since I first saw the vendor. I could wear it forever! Very versatile and why not sexy?

The outstanding sculpt work on the boots of Tokugawa and the jetpack that comes with K9 INSILICO combat/meter pack

Soundtrack - Eisbrecher | Ohne dich 

Styling card:
Skin - Akeruka - Manuel
Body hair/muscle - Akeruka - Muscle System Manuel [add-on]
Visor/Shades - Fairlight Industries - Rapture Recon Visor 1.0
Suit and gloves - GRAVES - G349 Paradox White (Male)
Jetpack - INSILICO - IS:K9 Manta Jetpack (comes with IS:K9 Combat System pack and controls the flight)
Boots - Tokugawa Heavy Industries - Prototype boots

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