Saturday, 21 July 2012

hunting you

Z-hunter outfit by Egoisme in Second Life

Z-hunter outfit by Egoisme in Second Life
Hunting you by Atlas Pastorelli on flickr.

Egoisme has release these two outfits called Z-Hunter. It's quite nice for zombie hunting, role playing, but also to use everywhere. There's a gun (yeah! it comes within the pack) very funcional, you can draw it or rest it on your backs - it even launchs granades! If you check the whole thing, it's a very versatile outfit, as you can use its parts mixing with any other stuff. If you just wear off-the-rack them, I find the one with net-shirt sexier, of course, so it's also good to bright on the dancefloor as well. lol

Going back to the viewers point (like I talked about here), I used both: Official Viewer Beta (I always use beta) and Nirans. Unfortunately the official one crashed many times while Nirans handled the environment beautifuly, quite slick viewer in my opinion. The pictures above were taken on Nirans, everything set as maximum/high/ultra (as the official one only crashed) I'm not earning anything by spreading their name, but it's so kewl for pictures that I'm tossing here their website once again:

Styling card? Well, besides the skin, shape and hair, the whole thing is by Egoisme as it was said above. ;)

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