Tuesday, 3 July 2012

p s y c i t y

p s y c i t y
p s y c i t y
p s y c i t y by Atlas Pastorelli
p s y c i t y, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.

hey hey. well, i told in the last post, i'm also blogging some different gift skins. the one for today is akeruka's gift. as it's dark - darker than you see in the picture lol - i thought about wearing a warm coloured top part, in which case is by legal insanity. the trousers aren't released yet, so let's say they are a preview of what's coming by. anyways this is a very trendy and urban outfit, and the t-shirt comes in three options, i chose the 'neckless' one as it looks sexier for this outfit. hope you like it. hugs. ;)

hair - dura - dura-boy 33 dark brown
necklace - cheerno - native leaves
shirt - legal insanity - lenny shirts - pirate girl
trousers - jlb apparel - baggy skull pants (will be released soon)
shoes - balkanik - blk2.0 sneakerz
skin - akeruka - antonio skin goatie1 (group gift)

pic at psycity

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