Thursday, 26 July 2012


Shadow cries

A couple of years ago, whilst Harry Potter's effect was in a cooldown, I was just walking around a bookshop when a cover of a new release went off in my peripheral sight. It was The Magicians by Lev Grossman - or a "Harry Potter for Grownups" that made me stop and take it home with me. Impressive story that even sponsored a wet and salty face here during the ending. Lovely though.
Then it's funny how things are made up by ourselves along our choices, which for some would be the so-called-destiny. Sometimes coincidences are not enough to explain me the way the course of actions that had driven me into such situation. And there I was at with a friend from work talking about the time when the X-Men were only comics: Rogue was just a rabid evil being, Madelyne Pryor was a Jean Grey's clone (and that time this word clone had a so futuristic sound!) during Inferno crossover. This story happened long before I was a teenager, so it was for my friend, although both had experienced the amusement of that insane turmoil ravaging the lives of those uncanny mutants.

Shadow cries

No, sharing some personal point of view among the unending faces of our semiosphere  and at this level? No, it was too much! It seems that the signs, as an actor or just a patient in this hunter-and-bait-and-prey game, along the voracious wheel of semiosis simply manipulates me as if I were just a Kafkanian character. And the girl I was thinking this time has never been in the X-Men roster: the image was there, even the outfit, although it has been taking ages for me to read it, slowly degluting and perhaps following the same pace the story is delivered in The Magicians Kings (it's a sequel of the one mentioned above), I finally met the truth behind Julia, and I've been waiting for it so much. I just had to summon some signs and the whole pool of meanings would drown me in, as "...pretty soon he was going to figure out that she wasn't role-playing a sexy depressed goth chick, she had actually become a sexy depressed goth chick. / And she was enjoying it. She was dipping a toe in the pool of bad behavior and finding the temperature was just right". I finally made it, now I can rest in peace (for a while). See you!

Shadow cries

Headdress - gilded:
Make up - Lovely Mi!
Necklace - Shade Throne
Shoulders and tails - TAD / Achilles
Trousers - Miamai
Boots - Neurolab Inc.

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