Wednesday, 18 July 2012

the red racer

Ah, a studio picture? Yeap, unfortunately many sims I've been to have no shadows enabled on their props. And instead of trying to create something I admit I'm not that good at - LOL - I'd rather go back to studio and take this picture in there.

Reading this blogs comments, I've saw this one: "But how can I get this outfit?".

So, before anything else, let me help those who don't understand the meaning of a styling card - it's usually like this: on SL I noticed we tend to start from the head down to the feet, ending sometimes with the pose you're in. Then the props/items are described as  <body part> + <shop name> + <item name usually goes with the colour/id numer or whatever to identify it>. Then if I want to own such item, what should I do? Go to SL search (inworld) and put the name of the shop, in the shop you'll have to look for them, can ask the info to the manager or anyone who's working there (it might help reading the owners profile, they usually describe who's there to give you a help).

Last saturday we had a burlesque show by Models in Motion/Opium Evolution, and I had an act in there with Veracity Afterthought. I guess I never saw such a thing in world. And boy, that was nice. Unfortunaly I didn't take any picture, but pictures wouldn't be enough - perhaps a video would be a blast! The acts I like best were by Anastacia, World Undercroft and - if she reads this I change it, I swear - the venue owner whose name I don't remember right now. They had astonishing scenarios, creative dances and a very smart use of particles I've rarely seen inworld. I'm very glad I was part of it, although in my case it was just a tiny part lol.

Whatelse? Erm... besides I'm STILL playing loads of League of Legends (I'm improving in there) I received some new releases, and decided to style it. As I said, I really really tried an inworld full of shadows picture, but the result was like... erm... nevermind.

Coming back to the outfit: Egoism has release three new mesh jackets. I picked the red one for it looks perfect for a daredevil racer, it fits into cars as well as for bikes. I tried black trousers and so, but the red was screaming - not actually negative - and I was like "Why not having red bottom as well?" I remembered then of a pair of trousers the were never used (sometimes we have so many stuff in our inventories that we forget what we have, even when they're very organized, which is shamely not my case lol). A hairdo here, props there, and the whole thing was done. Many people do like red, but if to you it's too much, just put a light coloured t-shirt on and some jeans would look perfect as well.

As this blog is not only about styling cards/clothes - no it is not! :P I downloaded Nirans viewer and found it classy to take pictures with. Although it's not that easier to use for beginners, it handles shadows nicely. The teleport screen is so... smooth and different! You really should give it a go. I recommend it (the same way as it was recommended to me lol). The link follows here . Have fun ;)

And if you got what I said about styling cards, let's check:

Hair - - Uw.7R Ash hair
Eyeware - Tokugawa heavy industries - Optical Shades
Jacket - Egoism - Red biker
T-shirt - Ramp design - X-men t-shirt
Gloves - Tres Beau - Driving gloves (if I'm not wrong it's a gift)
Trousers - TheAbyss - Chaos leather pants red

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