Sunday, 8 July 2012


NoR by Atlas Pastorelli
NoR, a photo by Atlas Pastorelli on Flickr.
This weekend more and more League of Legends, and to make things a bit worse I've got Diablo 3. Although it's not been able yet to steal all my attention. Who knows in the near future?

Then all this stuff about dark feelings, plus Legal Insanity new releases (mesh t-shirts) brought me some comfort as I could leave the danger zone and go back to my dark and withered world (ah, this so reminds me the song My World by Colony 5! You have never heard it, probably. Check it out on youtube, you will like it).

This picture was taken at NoR. They claim they're the oldest urban rpg over SL. being that true or not, the sim is very busy, then, old or not, it must be a very nice place for some rlplayen.
[ NoR limo ==> ]

And finally the styling card

hair - raw house - khaos [white]
eyes - ibanez - soft glow eyes
shirt - legal insanity - jimi red tuxedo
shorts - balkanik - baggy shorts pants blk2.0
boots - pxdtoxic - basic combat boots

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